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20 Exclusive Clothing Optional Resorts for Adults

Imagine sitting on your couch after a weary working day, dreaming of a vacation soaked in sunshine, on the brims of calm blue water, living the perfect getaway, one sip at a time! Perfect? Well, here’s a refuge for liberation that’ll definitely make you want to reconsider: The Clothing Optional Resorts!

 These naturist/nudist resorts let you choose your own comfort level & unlike the clichéd lifestyle resorts, are about baring it all! Once you are in for this ultra-relaxed experience, the first step is checking these two off your bucket list: stepping out of your comfort zone & with an open mind.

You can go for Au Naturel sunbathing, soothing sauna or jacuzzi, sipping martini and rekindling a relationship or simply unloading your routine workplace greys!

Taking a deeper plunge into the story, let’s explore the exclusive clothing optional resorts for adults, their popularity & whether the trend is here to stay.

Here’s an abridged list of twenty clothing optional resorts across the globe that’ll leave you longing to give skinny dipping a go!

Must-Try Clothing Optional Resorts for Adults

Hedonism ll – Negril, Jamaica

clothing optional resorts in the worldSource:

Located along the Seven Mile Beach of Negril, this resort has a frenetic energy and spiced up aura of its own. “No Clothing Beyond This Point” signs scream out and loud the vibes of excitement and adventure. It welcomes both couples and singles and accommodates all comfort levels of nudity. Hedonism II Jamaica is equipped with its own lavish nude beach, pools, premium suites with private terraces, sauna, jacuzzi, whirlpools and waterslides. Its nightly parties with varied themes are known to be a great place to mix and mingle. And that’s not all, the lovers of sports can indulge in basketball, tennis and a varied range of water sports available in the resort. The exotic experience of being one with the nature hits right in the feels with the beguiling view of both ocean and the jungle!

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Sunland Holiday Village– South Australia 

sunland holiday village south australiaSource: TripAdvisor

Imagine a sizzling hot vacation with your boo, walking on the coasts of Australia, nude & unbothered! That’s right, the Sunland Holiday Village resort owns nearly a mile of its own private shore. The major luxuries are spa, sauna, kitchen, clubhouse & various kinds of camping accommodations. Sit tight and buckle up because it doesn’t seldom occur that tourists are accompanied by emu, kangaroo and other native species. You can pay according to the type of accommodation you seek. The highlight point of this resort is its clubhouse; one resort for socialising, giving sports a go & warming yourselves up with a bonfire!

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Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club Gourmet- Tulum, Mexico

Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club GourmetSource: HotelsCombined

As the name suggests, this resort is the perfect hideout for the folks who’ve got privacy topping  all their charts! With 42 beachfront suites, this five star naturist resort promises a warm, intimate and beautiful vacationing experience. The hidden beach resort strictly follows naturist etiquette & so does its staff, gawking or ogling at strangers is a strict no-no! All in all, it holds quite an amount of popularity among the tourists & is a cool & quiet place to relax and rejuvenate.

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Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort- Cancun, Mexico

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl ResortSource: HotelsCombined

”Immerse yourselves in a deliciously sensual ambiance where inhibitions do not exist.” A couple exclusive resort that exhumes barrels of electrifying  sexual energy that’ll make you long for partaking. It is a more upscale and younger version of its sister concern the Desire Riviera Maya Resort. You can indulge in erotic games and use the erotic playroom for couples, check out its fantasy menu, outdoor spa, jacuzzi lounge, erotic photo shoots and intimate couple workshops. 

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Desire Riviera Maya Resort- Riviera Maya, Mexico

Desire Riviera Maya ResortSource: HotelsCombined

The saner and mellowed down version of its aforementioned sister concern Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, this resort has its own majestic lavishes. Desire Riviera Maya Resort accommodates facilities that’ll make your widest dreams come true. Sex on its private beach, stripper poles in the nightclub, sex tape session & bondage fantasies top the list! (Go ahead! Nobody’s judging ya!)

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The Natural- Curacao, Caribbean

The Natural caribbeanSource: HotelsCombined

Unlike the Desire Riviera resorts, The Natural is a calm, soothing vacationing spot. Set alongside the beautiful turquoise waters, embracing a serene vibe, with a perfect weather all-year-round, this is an apt fit if you want to relax away from the daily city-life blues. You can choose your own comfort levels of clothing, there are absolutely no mandates to be all in or all out. You can enjoy the Monday evening poolside barbecues, yoga classes & massages.

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Sandy Bottoms Resort– Ontario, Canada

Sandy Bottoms ResortSource: TripAdvisor

If you are a neophyte/a beginner/a ‘virgin’ when it comes to the ‘clothing optional resorts’ idea & still shy away from disrobing & baring it all, this is definitely a match! The novice-friendly atmosphere is created and shared by the staff as well as the tourists. It warmly welcomes couples experimenting with the naturalist concept and have no clue whether it’ll be a hit or a miss. Hence, it’s not a mandate to go entirely clothing-free in here. You can untangle your low spirits while sunbathing at the sand beach or while trodding alongside the resort’s very own private lake!

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Hidden Beach Resort- Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hidden Beach Resort Riviera MayaSource: HotelsCombined

If you and your privacy are inseparable entities, this resort might be the one for you as the mangrove jungles hide them away from the daily hustles of the rest of the world. Go carefree & join the other tourists in nude dancing, socialise & mingle in the judgement-free environment of this resort. The relaxing and rather laid-back environment of Hidden Beach Resort will simultaneously get you pumping with an inclusive gourmet, serving alcoholic beverages beginning with the welcome champagne, spa, a number of non-motorised water sports, free wifi and scuba clinics in its pools, water balloon fights & coconut bowling.

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Temptation Resort Spa – Cancun, Mexico

Temptation Resort Spa cancunSource: HotelsCombined

‘Monochrome’ & ‘vacation’ are not synonyms. Agreeing, the Temptation Resort let’s you stain your vacation with all the colours of must-have distractions! The remarkable design of the resort resembling to that of a human figure sets the mood right away. It includes sensual contests, naughty theme nights, ‘the playground for grown-ups’, ‘temptastic pools’, the ‘bash nightclub’ for  flaunting the forbidden moves, ‘She restaurant’ to gorge upon the gorgeous aphrodisiacs. Sports doesn’t lie within the bounds of focus for this resort & yet, balls are sure to fly in all directions!

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Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa- Riviera Maya, Cancun

Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & SpaSource: HotelsCombined

A drool-worthy amalgamation of adventure and relaxation awaits you at this resort. It includes 3 pools, there is an Energy zone to replenish your splendour, Xcelerate zone for the happening pool parties, Xhale club for rejoicing at the oceanfront pool, spa, variety of cuisines to savour & devour, 9 bars for unlimited alcoholic beverages, venues to mix up & mingle, theme parties, tequila tasting & live music as icing on the cake. All in all, Breathless Riviera Cancun resort is sure to give you an all in one deal!

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Cypress Cove Resort– Kissimmee, Florida

Cypress Cove Resort KissimmeeSource: HotelsCombined

One of a kind, this resort, along with being singles & couple-friendly, is also family-friendly! Yes! It caters to the niche segment of Au Naturel enthusiast families. Single? Come on in. Family? Most welcome. Pets? Hop right in! Apart from pools & hot tubs, Cypress Cove resort is also equipped with pet-friendly rooms, so you no longer need to leave your fur-baby home! You can choose from a plethora of options for your stay- villas, apartments, RV park or residential community. You can go golfing, canoeing, kayaking, satiate yourself at the bar & grill, relax at the private lake & get relaxing massages.

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Sandals Royal Bahamian- Nassau, Bahamas 

Sandals Royal Bahamian- NassauSource: HotelsCombined

Although public nudity is against the law in the Bahamas, this resort will satiate & suffice all your romantic needs & greeds. Sandals Royal Bahamian, being a couples-only resort, you can spend quality intimate time with your ‘the one’. Amenities? You name it, they have it! To name a few, canopy beds alongside the clear blue waters, swim-up suites with king sized beds, deep soaking tubs & rain head showers are the  jaw-dropping amenities. Needless to say, if you can’t get enough of each other & do not wish to leave the suite, 24-hour room service will be your aid, also available. Ten restaurants to dine at & fully loaded bars in each & every room.

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Couples Sans Souci- Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Couples Tower Isle Ocho RiosSource: HotelsCombined

A renowned hangout spot for the Hollywood stars of the ‘50s & the ‘60s, this authentic couples-only resort is situated on the Tower Isle Island that you’ll be taken to in a ferry ride.. Loaded with a swim-up bar, its own private nude beach, an elaborate island cuisine to gorge upon, roof cabanas with hammocks, the Oasis Spa for rejuvenation, outdoor Buddha plunge pool, Couples Sans souchi also caters to the private extravagant needs with its spa villas with personal pools & terraces! 

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Hawksbill by Rex Resort- Five Islands Village, Antigua & Barbuda 

Hawksbill by Rex Resort- Five Islands VillageSource: HotelsCombined

The only naturist beach on the island, this resort offers four secluded beaches. Hawksbill by Rex resort offers scenic beauty. However, the resort isn’t wheelchair friendly, not equipped with elevators & the rooms, restaurants & bars are smoking-prohibited zones. It offers private bungalows for the stay.

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Copacabana Hotel & Suites- Costa Rica, North America

Copacabana Hotel & SuitesSource: HotelsCombined

For a special occasion like your birthday or an anniversary, Copacabana Hotel & Suites is worth giving a go. The staff is courteous and will go out of the way to ensure a pleasant experience for you. Themed parties, the oceanfront suites with private jacuzzis, naked bar parties will leave you longing for more!

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Paradise Lakes Resort- Tampa, Florida

Paradise Lakes Resort TampaSource: TripAdvisor

An old proverb says customer is the king. The Paradise Lakes Resort abides by the same. Customer-oriented facilities and services are the main selling point here. All the rooms of their main resort are pool facing! Bars, restaurants and nightclubs keep you engrossed round the clock. Hot tubs and heated pools are accessible 24*7 so you can indulge yourself according to your own convenience. 

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Vera Playa Club Hotel- Vera, Spain

Vera Playa Club Hotel

The design of Vera Playa Club hotel leaves you dumbfounded: an oasis by the beach! This four star naturist hotel is first &  one of its kind in Spain. Adorned with brilliant bright colours with vast open areas at the beach, it also offers a variety of suites & a wide range of activities such as aquagym, ballroom dancing, darts & aerobic gymnastics. Maxi clubs, teen clubs, delficlubs, swimming pools & games, buffet restaurants and bars are the amenities provided at your disposal (however, the resort is not all-inclusive).

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Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Spa – California

Sea Mountain Nude Resort and SpaSource: HotelsCombined

The segment that Sea Mountain Nude resort caters to is couples & single females. Curative mineral water pools & nude spas are the rarities it offers. You can get the best of both worlds by diving into the polls & adoring the magnificent mountains above you. It is equipped with a desert oasis, sauna, 24*7 background music, the world’s only 24*7 accessible lounge club Taboo Gardens. Complimentary beverages, nude pools & spas are added leisures. Exceptional and thoughtful features of this resort make it an absolute winner.

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The Terra Cotta Inn- Palm Springs, California

Source: TripAdvisor

Another retro celeb hideaway also known as the Monkey Tree, the Terra Cotta Inn resort is rather calm, peaceful, quiet & intimate. You can witness the astonishing beauty of the San Jacinto Mountains through the stay during your ‘nakation’ as they call it! Pool side outdoor shower, hot tubs, grill, outdoor fireplace, rooftop deck & spa are certain noteworthy lavishes you can pamper yourself with.

That was our list of 20 clothing optional resorts definitely worth checking out! So, pack light, leave behind attires and the hassle of choosing one. Unload your work life blues and indulge in an intimate romantic experience. So, where are you heading for your next ‘nakation’?

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