Heritage hotels in Jaipur

Top Heritage Hotels in Jaipur

Jaipur is a very old town in the princely state of Rajasthan in India which was first built about a millenia ago and then has seen constant change over the years. It is the quintessential princely state of India as there were 12 kingdoms in Rajasthan before the unification of India after it gained its independence in 1947. The long and prosperous heritage built by the kings and their families over the years has resulted in massive infrastructure such as palaces, forts, estates, etc. Since the dissolution of monarchy in India, many of these palaces became unstable due to non-maintenance and were on the verge of collapsing. Instead of demolishing them, many of these culture rich places have been renovated and opened to the public as heritage hotels in Jaipur.

These hotels are expensive, extravagant and exuberant in their approach as they treat their guests as royalty (literally). From massive lush gardens to unending views of the lakes that sit right next to many of them are just spectacular. Hospitality and service in these ultra luxurious hotels are unmatched to an extent that one feels like they have been catapulted into a different era altogether.

Here is a list of the top heritage hotels in Jaipur (in no particular order)

1. Rambagh Palace

Best Heritage Hotel Jaipur


On the off chance that you are making arrangements for a 5 star stay while you are traveling in Jaipur then this spot is unquestionably the one for you. Rambagh Palace is the ideal retreat for you where you can invest some energy with your friends and family. Initially implicit 1835, Rambagh Palace has ventured effortlessly through numerous regal moves from the home of the ruler’s most loved handmaiden, to imperial guesthouse and chasing lodge, and later as the living arrangement of the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and his ruler, Maharani Gayatri Devi.


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2. Oberoi Rajvilas

Luxury Heritage Hotels


One of the finest and biggest heritage resorts in Jaipur as well as all over the globe, The Oberoi Rajvilas offers the charm of the Rajput era. With exquisite havelis, ancient temples, picturesque gardens, colourful fountains, modern amenities and other facilities, this resort can be easily reached from the main city. If anyone is looking to experience the true meaning of royal living – this is the place to be for sure.


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3. Jai Mahal Palace


Standing in the midst of 18 sections of finished Mughal gardens, Jai Mahal Palace has been the home of three Prime Ministers of the august condition of Jaipur. This 5-star lavish hotel furnished with all the cutting edge solace serves as a standout amongst the most outlandish resort in Jaipur. Jai Mahal Palace has 94 exceptionally all around outfitted room with all the condition of workmanship offices. While the royal residence lodging gives you an essence of the best of Rajasthani legacy and society, you additionally appreciate the best flavours in the city at the two claim to fame eateries. The best thing about the hotel is the astounding perspective which keeps the guests and visitors enchanted equally.


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4. Umaid Bhawan Heritage House

Top Heritage Hotels


With classy living rooms, inviting swimming pools, opulent dining-areas, and world-class amenities, Umaid Bhawan boasts of being one of the best heritage resorts in Jaipur. Located within the main city, this marvel is owned and maintained by the Rathore family of Jaipur.


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5. Raj Palace

Typical Heritage Hotel Jaipur


Head out for an indulgent stay at this exceptional resort in Jaipur which is one of the top resort in Jaipur. This hotel is a part of the top lavish resort in the world. This Raj Palace is perceived for its novel item as it is one of the main Places lived by the Maharajah that has been reestablished to its unique grandness and appeal. This is the thing that makes the Raj Palace the best lavish hotel in India and a site seeing destination of Jaipur, Rajasthan, after the Amber Fort, and the Jal Mahal that is otherwise called the Lake Palace.


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6. Chokhi Dhani

Popular Heritage Hotel Jaipur


Be it a business meeting, a wedding or a personal visit, Chokhi Dhani is one of the finest places which reflects the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. A synonym for hospitality, this is one of the best heritage resorts in Jaipur known for its facilities. Mouth watering food from the various restaurants here along with a barbecue is one of the major attractions of the place. Tastefully decorated it creates the perfect ambience for visitors.


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7. Samode Haveli

Boutique Heritage Hotels Jaipur


Samode Haveli is yet another beautiful heritage resort in Jaipur and is an urban oasis. The Samode Haveli is a mansion, which is located around the quaint gardens where the apartments are built in line. It was built approximately 175 years ago and was the home of Samode rulers, which, later, converted their home into a lavish heritage resort.


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8. Hari Mahal Palace

Heritage Hotels Jaipur


Located in the heart of the pink city Jaipur, Hari Mahal Palace was built as a city home of Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji of Achrol, goes back to 1930. The Royal Family of Achrol was an imperative part of the “Barah Kothri” or twelve driving heads of the Jaipur state.  The family follows its plunge to Maharaja Prithvi Raj of Amber (1530 AD – 1528 AD). The present Rajadhiraj Mahendra Singh continues to live in royal residence and the other part of the royal residence has been changed over into a Heritage Hotel. The Palace is a conjunction of engineering from British, Mughal, and Rajputana.


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9. Mandawa Haveli

Upbeat Heritage Hotels


Built in the year 1896 by Thakur Bhagwat Singhji, the Mandawa Haveli is one of the most beautiful heritage resorts in Jaipur. The Mandawa Haveli is now a part of Mandawa Group of Hotels and boasts the rich traditional and authentic culture of Rajasthan. While your stay, you can experience the royal hospitality of this great heritage resort and will get a chance to witness some of the amazing folk dance performances by the professional artists.


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10. Chomu Palace

Extravagant Heritage Hotels Jaipur


Eat, pray and unwind this is the main thing that will ring a bell while you are at this colorful resort in Jaipur. Chomu Palace is the imperial withdraw that will most likely cure every one of your stresses and make you restore once more. Chomu Palace, an impression of the Royal Palaces of India, is a 300-year-old exquisite sustained royal retreat and one of the spots to visit in Rajasthan.  It resuscitates the generous ways of life of the rulers of Rajasthan and the legacy of India. It is a genuine and memorable royal residence that tactfully mixes with the present day pleasantries and offices.


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11. Lebua Resort

Eco Friendly Heritage Resort Jaipur


Inspired by the Navaratna (nine gems), the lustrous gem craft of Rajasthan is reflected in the material used at Lebua Resort. Being a luxury resort in Jaipur, it is a spectacular place with a wonderful combination of the old and the new which goes hand in hand to create an amazing atmosphere to enjoy during the stay.  One can also get engaged in activities like kite flying, bicycle tours, picnics, mini-golf, croquet, Horse/Elephant/Camel rides, Elephant Polo, ATV ride, bird watching, jeep safari and hot air ballooning.


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12. Royal Heritage Haveli

Aristocrat Heritage Hotel Jaipur


Located in Khatipura, this opulent stay is among the best heritage resorts in Jaipur. The building was built in the 18th century and is presently owned and maintained by Maharaja, Madho Singhji. It’s imposing beauty, scenic surroundings, imperial amenities and excellent service makes it to this list.


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13. Dhula Garh Hotel

Off beat Heritage Hotels


The Dhula Garh Hotel is one of the best heritage resorts in Jaipur and belongs to the Dhula family, who are the descendents of Raja Man Singh I of Jaipur(1590-1615). The great Dhula Garh was built by Rawal Dalel Singh, who was Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II’s trusted noble and served as the Kotwal and Faujdar. Now, the Dhulagarh is restored and converted to a an elegant heritage hotel of Jaipur by the present head of Dhula family.


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14. Rani Mahal

Gateway Heritage Hotels Jaipur


Rani Mahal is yet another beautiful heritage resort in Jaipur and highlights an image of sheer class while keeping the traditional Rajasthani culture in mind. Rani Mahal is designed with tastefulness and will give you a look at the splendor of traditional engineering. The excellent exterior, the inside, the furniture and practically everything will give you a royal feeling and will take you back through time to the period of kings.


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15. Naila Bagh Palace

Picturesque Heritage Hotels


Centrally located and in the vicinity of myriads of places to visit in Jaipur, the Naila Bagh Resort is a beautiful heritage resort, which boasts the authentic and traditional Rajasthani culture. The Naila Bagh Palace was built around 1870s and is the home of the Royal Rajput family of Naila estate. The Palace has also been the home of Thakur Fateh Singh Ji, the ex prime minister of Jaipur and has been the host to umpteen dignitaries and known people.


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16. Shahpura House

Ideal Heritage Hotels Jaipur


Once the living home of the past leaders of Shekhawat family of Rajputs, Shahpura House today is one of the best heritage resorts of Jaipur. A blend of Mughal, Rajasthani and Indian styles of design, this resort offers amalgam of old Rajputana accommodation and new-age comforts. Only 4 km from the downtown area, this legacy resort has elegant interiors and exteriors and is an ideal heritage hotel in Jaipur.


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